Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rebirth of the Last Former God

The Phoenix arose from the boiling sea
The spray from its wings
The great metal wings
The spray from its wings like liquid desire.

The pitiless eye in agony clenched
The pain that can never by pity be quenched.
The breath that reeks of the flesh of men
The splendour that makes the peacock a brown hen.

Smouldering still from the pangs of birth
It beats the air to escape the earth.

The vortex surrounding the great molten bird
The flames of its death
The fire of its youth
The choking ash cloud of its funeral pyre

Lay waste to the islands and mountains beyond
The sea in its agony rocks like a pond
As waves from the ocean and thunders in air
Dissolve away men and their world of despair.

Creation with chaos obscenely blends
As rising through thunder the Phoenix ascends.

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